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What A Way To Go ! (1964) - Dean Martin  DVD

What A Way To Go ! (1964) - Dean Martin DVD


What A Way To Go ! (1964) 

All Louisa May Foster (Shirley MacLaine) wants is a man to love-who will live!

But try as she might to hang onto her husbands, she keeps meeting and marrying men with a desire to strike it rich-and a habit of dying soon thereafter. A spectacular lineup of Hollywood's finest stars in this delightfully camp comedy, including Paul Newman, Dick Van Dyke, Gene Kelly, Robert Mitchum, Dean Martin, Robert Cummings, and Margaret Dumont. Nominated for two Academy Awards® in 1964 (Art Direction/Set Decoration - Color and Costume Design, Color for Edith Head and Moss Mabry's opulent styles), What A Way To Go! is pure delight from beginning to its all-too-soon ending.

Starring :

Paul Newman, Shirley MacLaine, Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum, Gene Kelly

Director :

J. Lee Thompson


Running time : 111 Minutes

Language : English

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