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Xanadu (1980) - Olivia Newton-John  DVD

Xanadu (1980) - Olivia Newton-John DVD


Xanadu (1980) 

XANADU is a look at the future and a loving remembrance of the way things were in the heyday of Hollywood. The musical score includes the hit songs "Magic," "I'm Alive," "All Over the World," "Suddenly," and the title sone "Xanadu." Olivia Newton-John will dazzle your senses with her luminous beauty and fabulous voice. She and Gene Kelly star in this mesmerizing musical fantasy. The '40s meets the '80s in XANADU, a very special love story and the first lavish, old-fashioned musical to utilize today's music.

Starring :

Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, Michael Beck

Director :

Robert Greenwald


Running time : 96 Minutes

Language : English



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