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Young Man With A Horn (1950) - Kirk Douglas  DVD

Young Man With A Horn (1950) - Kirk Douglas DVD


Young Man With A Horn (1950)

With a second-hand trumpet and the loving guidance of a brilliant bluesman, a lonely boy grows into manhood as a superb musician whose talent carries him from honky-tonks to posh supper clubs. But his desperate search for the elusive high note trapped in his mind but impossible to play starts him on a boozy downward slide. Charged with dynamic performances by Kirk Douglas (the title role), Doris Day, Lauren Bacall and Hoagy Carmichael and pitch-perfect direction by Michael Curtiz (Casablanca), the film is a feast of hot, cool, moody jazz. Legendary Harry James dubbed Douglas' hornwork. Day brings another fine instrument - her voice - to four standards. Movie and music lovers will be glad to meet this Man.

Starring :

Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Doris Day

Director :

Michael Curtiz


Running time : 108 Minutes

Language : English

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