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Zardoz (1971) - Sean Connery  DVD

Zardoz (1971) - Sean Connery DVD


Zardoz (1971)

Sean Connery delivers a powerful performance in this fantastic vision of a future world divided into two societies. The Vortex is an isolated, heavily guarded, lush community of immortal scientists and intellectuals called the Eternals. Outside the Vortex lies a desolate world laid to waste by war and pollution, peopled by the Brutals, primitive savages and killers who worship a fearsome god, Zardoz. But one rebellious Brutal (Sean Connery) is determined to survive on his own terms, which could threaten the balance of civilization...and possibly destroy it. Co-starring Charlotte Rampling, Zardoz is an entertaining adventure praised for its special effects and imaginative vision.

Starring :

Sean Connery, Charlotte Rampling

Director :

John Boorman


Running time : 106 Minutes

Language : English



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