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Audrey Rose (1977) - Anthony Hopkins  DVD

Audrey Rose (1977) - Anthony Hopkins DVD


Audrey Rose (1977)

Suppose a stranger told you that your daughter was actually his daughter in another life. Suppose you began to believe him. Suppose it was really true! Sir Anthony Hopkins (Academy Award® winner for The Silence Of The Lambs) stars with Marsha Mason (Nick Of Time) and John Beck (Nightmare Honeymoon) in an unforgettably powerful and hair-raising occult thriller that will make your blood run cold!

All Bill and Janet Templeton wish for is a quiet, peaceful life with their 11 year-old daughter Ivy. But their dreams turn to nightmares as Ivy is besieged first by ghoulish "memories" of events that never occurred.. and then by a mysterious stranger (Hopkins) who stalks her every move. And just when they think things couldn't possibly get worse, the Templetons come face to face with a horror beyond anything they could ever have imagined: a force from beyond the grave that threatens to destroy the only thing they've ever loved.

Starring :

Anthony Hopkins, Marsha Mason

Director :

Robert Wise


Running time : 113 Minutes

Language : English



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