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A Chorus Line (1985) - Nichael Douglas Japan LD Laserdisc Set with OBI


A Chorus Line (1985) 

Laserdisc, Japan with OBI

Michael Douglas stars as a choreographer who subjects 16 dancers to a grueling audition in this Academy Award-nominated adaptation of the landmark Broadway musical. Featuring Marvin Hamlisch's Oscar-nominated music and Jeffrey Hornaday's (Flashdance) sizzling choreography, this thrilling portrayal of life behind the velvet curtains is truly "One Singular Sensation"!

After narrowing down hundreds of Broadway hopefuls, Zach (Douglas) leads a select group of dancers on the tryout of their lives. In an audition twist, Zach asks each performer personal and intimate questions-with results that powerfully affect not only the young performers but the hardened stage veteran as well.

Starring :

Michael Douglas, Pam Klinger, Audrey Landers

Director :

Richard Attenborough


Running time : 118 Minutes

Language : English

Subtitles : Japanese

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