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Hair (1979) - John Savage Japan 2 LD Laserdisc Set with OBI


Hair (1979) 

2 Laserdisc Set, Japan with OBI

Brimming with the energy, passion and music that rocked a nation, Hair is an entertaining and powerful tribute to the turbulent spirit of the 60's. Brilliantly recreated by Oscar Winning director Milos Forman and screenwriter Michael Weller, this vibrant screen version of the Broadway phenomenon.

Fresh from the farm, Claude Bukowski arrives in New York City for a date with the Army Induction Board, only to walk into a hippie happening in Central Park and fall in love with the beautiful Shelia. Befriended by the hippies pacifist leader, Berger and urged to crash a formal party in order to declare his love for Shelia, Claude begins an adventure that lands him in jail, Central Park Lake and finally, in the army. But Berger's final effort to save Claude from Vietnam sets in motion a bizarre twist of fate...with shocking consequences.

Starring :

John Savage, Treat Williams, Beverly D´Angelo

Director :

Milos Forman


Running time : 119 Minutes

Language : English

Subtitles : Japanese

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