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13 Ghosts (1960) - William Castle  DVD

13 Ghosts (1960) - William Castle DVD


13 Ghosts (1960)

It's 13 Ghosts, a ghoulish fright-fest from producer/director William Castle. When an eccentric uncle wills a huge, ramshackle house to Cyrus (Donald Woods) and his impoverished family, they get the shock of a lifetime. Their new residence comes complete with a spooky housekeeper, Elaine (Margaret Hamilton), plus a fortune in buried treasure and 12 horrifying ghosts. As the terrified family soon discovers, these haunting ectoplasms include a decapitated man, a wailing lady and a flaming skeleton, who are held captive in the eerie house and must find an unlucky 13th to free them! Who'll be the final victim of these ghostly shenanigans?

Starring :

Donald Woods, Jo Morrow, Margaret Hamilton

Director :

William Castle


Running time : 84 Minutes

Language : English

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