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Across The Wide Missouri (1951) - Clark Gable DVD


Across The Wide Missouri (1951) 

In fur-trapping country, a man depends on his single-shot rifle and his courage. One of those men is Flint Mitchell (Clark Gable), who heads into Blackfoot territory with his fellow mountain men - and with his new Blackfoot bride (Maria Elena Marques) who may be the key to their safety in the dangerous land.

Mitchell is a rough, buckskinned man of action and Gable shows he's more than rough enough to portray him in a brawling, breathtakingly beautiful frontier tale. William A. Wellman directs, filming in the Colorado Rockies and combining spectacular Technicolor vistas with colorful characters who don't let the hardships of wilderness life get in the way of a good time. Adventure awaits Across The Wide Missouri.

Starring :

Clark Gable, James Whitmore, Maria Elena Marques

Director :

William A. Wellman


Running time : 78 Minutes

Language : English

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