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Alligator (1980) - Henry Silva  DVD

Alligator (1980) - Henry Silva DVD


Alligator (1980)

Twelve years ago, two incidents occurred that bore no similarity until now. The Kendal family decided their pet baby alligator was a nuisance and flushed him down the toilet. At the same time, Slade Laboratories was conducting secret hormonal experiments with dogs and the dead dogs were disposed of in the city sewer. As the baby alligator fed on the dead dogs, its body chemistry took on grotesque mutations. When several brutal murders are discovered, David Madison (Forster) is put on the case. But this is no human psychopath - it is a ravaging animal-turned-monster bent on destroying everything in its wake.

Starring :

Henry Silva, Dean Jagger, Robert Forster

Director :

Lewis Teague


Running time : 89 Minutes

Language : English





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