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Andersonville (1996) - John Frankenheimer  DVD

Andersonville (1996) - John Frankenheimer DVD


Andersonville (1996) 

Captured Union soldiers arrive inside the barracks-less POW encampment called Andersonville. The new arrivals, like the hapless souls there before them, are quick to learn the ways of survival. Wring rainwater from clothes for drinking. Use brass uniform buttons as currency. Stay clear of the roving gang of Union thieves called Raiders. And tell no one about the secret plan to tunnel to freedom.

Master moviemaker John Frankenheimer directs this epic tale about life inside the most notorious of the American Civil War's prison camps. Haunting scenes of conflict and inhumanity, the trial that brought the Raiders to justice: Frankenheimer includes them all with a skill that brought him a Best Director Emmy.

Starring :

Cliff De Young, Frederic Forrest

Director :

John Frankenheimer


Running time : 168 Minutes

Language : English

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