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Any Number Can Play (1949) - Clark Gable  DVD

Any Number Can Play (1949) - Clark Gable DVD


Any Number Can Play (1949) 

Career. Love. Family. You play the cards life deals you. Casino owner Charley Kyng has taken plenty of risks through the decades, known plenty of wins and losses. But now the stakes are suddenly raised. Hollywood's legendary King, Clark Gable, portrays Kyng, faced at once with failing health, crooks seeking a big score from his posh establishment and home life pressures of a devoted wife (Alexis Smith) and son (Darryl Hickman) who want him to leave the gaming biz. Blue-chip support sweetens the pot of this glossy melodrama handsomely dealt by veteran Hollywood producer Arthur Greed and director Mervyn LeRoy: Wendell Corey, Audrey Totter, Frank Morgan, Mary Astor, Lewis Stone, Barry Sullivan, Edgar Buchanan, Leon Ames and Dorothy Comingore.

Starring :

Clark Gable, Alexis Smith, Wendell Corey

Director :

Mervyn LeRoy


Running time : 103 Minutes

Language : English

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