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Apology (1986) - Lesley Ann Warren  DVD

Apology (1986) - Lesley Ann Warren DVD


Apology (1986)

For her newest sculpture artist Lily has an unusual idea: During the exhibit she wants to play anonymous apologies. She sets up an answering machine on a special phone line and publicly invites people to call. But soon she gets more dramatic calls than expected: she attracts a psychopath serial killer who uses her project to confess and announce his crimes. At first she doesn’t believe he’s authentic, but Detective Hungate urges her to give the tapes to analysis. Since both Hungate and the killer seem to develop a crush on her, it quickly becomes personal…

Starring :

Lesley Ann Warren, Peter Weller, George Loros, John Glover, Jimmie Ray Weeks

Director :

Robert Bierman


Running time : 98 Minutes

Language : English

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