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Big Dreams & Broken Hearts : The Dottie West Story (1995) - Michele Lee  DVD

Big Dreams & Broken Hearts : The Dottie West Story (1995) - Michele Lee DVD


Big Dreams & Broken Hearts : The Dottie West Story (1995) 

The autobiographical story of the life of country music legend Dottie West. The movie chronicles the life and rise to fame of country music singer Dottie West (Lee). It starts with West as a young child living with her abusive father, then leading to her first big break on the Landmark Jamboree television show in Ohio in the early 50s. The movie then moves to the 60s where West skyrockets to fame as a country music singer with the Top 10 hit "Here Comes My Baby Back Again", which then leads to West winning a Grammy Award in 1965, becoming the first female country singer to win a Grammy. The movie continues providing the highs and lows of West's career, including her new image in the late-70s, where West has her biggest success duetting with Kenny Rogers (who plays himself in the movie). The movie also chronicles some of West's personal problems, including her three marriages and her financial problems. Dottie West was incredibly successful, overcoming the odds to become one of country music's biggest stars. Due to poor management, she eventually faced financial ruin, bankruptcy and was fighting those that betrayed her when she died tragically in 1991 in a car crash.

Lee later described this role as the role she was born to play, and cited the role as one of her favorites. Most of the outfits Lee wore in the movie were West's original clothing, including six wigs, three kinds of artificial nails, and West's infamous Spandex pants, a total of 56 costumes in all. In addition to Rogers, country singers Larry Gatlin and Loretta Lynn (close friends of West's) portrayed themselves, and Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson also provide narration. West's family, including her children (William, Shelly, Mo, Dale) helped with the making of the movie.
A very good made for TV movie and a must own for country music and Dottie West fans! As well as those that just enjoy a good story based on true life events.

Starring :

Michele Lee, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Chet Atkins, Loretta Lynn, Kris Kristofferson

DIrector :

Bill D´Elia


Running time : 89 Minutes

Language : English

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