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Black Widow (1954) - Van Heflin  DVD

Black Widow (1954) - Van Heflin DVD


Black Widow (1954)

Film noir, a classic film style of the '40s and '50s, is noted for its dark themes, stark camera angles and high-contrast lighting. Comprising many of Hollywood's finest films, film noir tells realistic stories about crime, mystery, femmes fatales and moral conflict.

"Glamour, charm, suspense, excitement" (Los Angeles Examiner) are packed into this "skillfully played" (Newsweek), "cold-blooded melodrama" (Citizen-News) boasting a stunning all-star cast including Otto Kruger, Van Helfin, Gene Tierney, Ginger Rogers, Reginald Gardiner and more!

Nancy Ordway (Peggy Ann Garner) is an aspiring writer hoping to make it big in New York at the expense of everyone around her, including Broadway producer Peter Denver (Helfin), who reluctantly lets her use his apartment to work during the day. And when Peter's wife Iris (Tierney) comes home from a trip to find Nancy dead in the bathroom, the assigned detective, Lt. Bruce (George Raft), soon realizes this assumed suicide is more likely a murder. Everyone Ordway knew is suddenly suspect while a series of flashbacks reveal the plan she was weaving to climb the social ladder...

Starring :

Van Heflin, George Raft, Gene Tierney, Ginger Rogers

Director :

Nunnally Johnson


Running time : 95 Minutes

Language : English

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