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Boomerang (1947) - Dana Andrews  DVD

Boomerang (1947) - Dana Andrews DVD


Boomerang (1947) 

Film noir, a classic film style of the '40s and '50s, is noted for its dark themes, stark camera angles and high-contrast lighting. Comprising many of Hollywood's finest films, film noir tells realistic stories about, crime, mystery, femmes fatales and moral conflict.

Director Eli Kazan won critical acclaim for this vividly portrayed, suspense full 1947 true crime drama set in Connecticut, where the events actually happened. When a beloved priest is gunned down, the local police chief (Lee J. Cobb) is under enormous pressure to find his murder, and, base only on vague descriptions, he undertakes a massive manhunt, eventually arriving at both suspects (Arthur Andrews) and a confession. But the state's attorney (Dana Andrews) is determined to convict only if it's right to do so. Also starring Jane Wyatt, Cara Williams, Sam Levene, Ed Begley and Karl Malden, Boomerang is gripping noir entertainment from start to finish.

Starring :

Dana Andrews, Karl Malden, Lee J. Cobb, Jane Wyatt

Director :

Elia Kazan


Running time : 88 Minutes

Language : English



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