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Brassed Off (1996) - Pete Postlethwaite. Japan LD Laserdisc Set with OBI


Brassed Off (1996) 

Laserdisc, Japan with OBI

This delightfully entertaining comedy treat features hot screen stars Ewan McGregor and sexy Tara Fitzgerald. It's the critically acclaimed story about two old friends - and ex-lovers - whose surprise reunion turns their lives...and the lives of everyone else in town...hilariously upside down! Also starring screen favorite Pete Postlethwaite - don't miss the fun of the laugh-filled comedy that entertained and captivated audiences everywhere!

Starring :

Pete Postlethwaite, Ewan MacGregor, Tara Fitzgerald

Director :

Mark Herman


Running time : 108 Minutes

Language : English

Subtitles : Japanese

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