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Cause For Alarm (1951) - Loretta Young  DVD

Cause For Alarm (1951) - Loretta Young DVD


Cause For Alarm (1951)

Madness lurks in the upstairs bedroom of homemaker Ellen Brown's seemingly calm, well-manicured suburban home. There, her husband George descends into a dark world of dementia brought on by a heart condition. Ellen's life becomes a living hell as she tries to keep their marriage alive, accommodating his every need. Convinced that his pretty wife and doctor are trying to kill him, George concocts a list of evidence along with a letter for the district attorney disclosing his suspicions. Unknowingly, she mails the incriminating letter. During a fit of rage, George pulls a gun, but is killed in the ensuing struggle. When Ellen realizes the content of the letter she has mailed, she must find a way to retrieve it or face a murder charge.

Starring :

Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan

Director :

Tay Garnett


Running time : 77 Minutes

Language : English

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