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Cry Danger (1951) - Dick Powell  DVD

Cry Danger (1951) - Dick Powell DVD


Cry Danger (1951) 

Dick Powell (Murder, My Sweet) plays Rocky, an innocent man just released from prison. He's on the hunt for a 100,000 bankroll he had allegedly stolen and the people who framed him. Delong (Richard Erdman, The Men) is a disabled Marine veteran who produced the recent evidence that led to Rocky's release. He now wants part of the $100,000 in exchange for his help. However, after serving 5 years of a life-sentence for a crime he didn't commit, Rocky has a different plan. He wants to bring the real crooks to justice and clear the name of his friend Danny Morgan, who's unjustly serving time for the same crime. The stellar cast includes Rhonda Fleming (Out Of The Past) as Rocky's old flame now married to his best friend Danny, Regis Toomey (The Big Sleep) as a tough-as-nails honest cop looking to bust the real criminals, William Conrad (Body And Soul) as Castro, the crime boss who may have framed Rocky and Danny, and Jay Adler (The Big Combo) the superintendent of a sleazy trailer court where Rocky and Delong are now living. This film noir classic was beautifully shot in glorious black-and-white by legendary cinematographer Joseph F. Biroc (It's A Wonderful Life) and directed by Robert Parrish (The Purple Plain).

Starring :

Dick Powell, William Conrad, Rhonda Fleming

Director :

Robert Parrish


Running time : 79 Minutes

Language : English

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