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Dead Ringer (1964) - Bette Davis  DVD

Dead Ringer (1964) - Bette Davis DVD

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Dead Ringer (1964) 

What happened to Bette Davis after What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Her career was reborn. Warner Bros. encored it with another vehicle filled with Baby Jane-like bite and menace: Dead Ringer, stylishly directed by the lady's Now, Voyager co-star Paul Henreid.

Davis plays estranged identical twins. Unmarried Edith has no money, no future. Widow Margaret has fabulous wealth - all because of marriage to the man she stole from Edith years ago. Out of long-festering revenge, Edith kills Margaret and takes her place. But new friends and surroundings, a snoopy cop (Karl Malden) who was Edith's beau and the arrival of Margaret's secret lover (Peter Lawford) may expose her masquerade.

Starring :

Bette Davis, Karl Malden, Peter Lawford

Director :

Paul Henreid


Running time : 115 Minutes

Language : English

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