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Detective Story (1951) - Kirk Douglas  DVD

Detective Story (1951) - Kirk Douglas DVD


Detective Story (1951)

Based on the smash Broadway hit, the gritty and gripping drama of Detective Story explodes onto the big screen under the capable direction of William Wyler (The Best Years Of Our Lives, Roman Holiday, Ben-Hur). Set amidst the hectic activity of a New York City police station, Kirk Douglas stars as the principled, rigid detective whose personal code has become twisted from dealing with too many criminals. Eleanor Parker (Caged, The Sound of Music) is his wife, tormented by a guilty secret. While the business of the precinct swirls around them - from cases involving a frightened shoplifter (Lee Grant) to an amusing burglar (Joseph Wiseman) - the couple's personal conflict reaches an explosive, unforgettable climax. Academy Award® nominations went to Wyler (for best director), Parker (Best Actress), Grant (Best Supporting Actress) and the writing team of Robert Wyler and Philip Yordan for their vivid screenplay.

Starring :

Kirk Douglas, Lee Grant, William Bendix

Director :

William Wyler


Running time : 103 Minutes

Language : English

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