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Devil´s Advocate (1997) - Keanu Reeves DVD


Devil´s Advocate (1997) 

Region code 1 (USA)

Hotshot attorney Kevin Lomax's 64-0 case record has brought him a tempting offer from an elite New York firm. But the job Lomax accepts isn't what it seems. The Devil is in the details.

In this gleeful, modern gothic fable, Keanu Reeves plays eager Lomax and Al Pacino is the charismatic firm founder who knows there are cases to be won...and souls to be lost. From Lomax's court triumphs and skyrocket rise to its double twist ending, The Devil's Advocate is red-hot entertainment. Lomax's life, wife (Charlize Theron) and soul are on the line. He's landed a job that's Heaven on Earth...which can lead him straight to Hell.

Starring :

Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino

Director :

Taylor Hackford


Running time : 144 Minutes

Language : English

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