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Escort West (1959) - Victor Mature  DVD

Escort West (1959) - Victor Mature DVD


Escort West (1959)

The Old West roars with "fast guns, fists and horses" (The Film Daily) in this gripping story that teams Victor Mature (My Darling Clementine) with western legends Harry Carey, Jr., and Slim Pickens in a fight-to-the-finish battle with hostile Indians. Thrilling and dramatic, Escort West follows the intense struggle for land - and love - in the frontier.

Heading west after the Civil War, rebel soldier Ben (Mature) befriends pretty Beth (Elaine Stewart), who's traveling west to meet her fiance, a Union cavalry officer. When Indians attack, Ben guides Beth to the safety of the cavalry camp, only to find it besieged. Now Ben must battle heroically against the Indians to save the woman he's come to love - and the man she's engaged to marry.

Starring :

Victor Mature, Faith Domergue, Elaine Stewart

Director :

Francis D. Lyon


Running time : 76 Minutes

Language : English






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