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Follow Me Quietly (1949) - William Lundigan  DVD

Follow Me Quietly (1949) - William Lundigan DVD


Follow Me Quietly (1949)

This is the film that, above all, increased my knowledge of the trade. I learned how to organize a film," director Richard Fleischer said about Follow Me Quietly. The filmmaker learned well: his subsequent career included the film noir gem The Narrow Margin, the family favorite 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the sci-fi milestone Soylent Green. William Lundigan stars in Follow Me Quietly as a cop on the trail of an elusive serial killer who strikes when darkness and rain fall. Anthony Mann shares a credit for the story, a tale similar to his work (uncredited) on the previous year's He Walked By Night. Slip in the shadows (cinematography by The Body Snatcher's Robert De Grasse creates a sinister mood). Embrace the night. Follow into classic noir.

Starring :

William Lundigan, Dorothy Patrick, Jeff Corey

Director :

Richard Fleischer


Running time : 60 Minutes

Language : English

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