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Framed (1975) - Joe Don Baker  DVD

Framed (1975) - Joe Don Baker DVD


Framed (1975)

From the makers of the highly successful Walking Tall comes the ultimate story of revenge. Joe Don Baker (Lewis) plays a gambler who is framed for a crime he did not commit. A corrupt legal system leads him into a plea bargain and four years behind bars. By the time Lewis gets out of prison, he's determined to put together the pieces of his frame-up and dole out the justice he was denied to those responsible. Framed comes out swinging with two-fisted action that will have you cheering as some of cinema's most loathsome villians get what's coming to them.

Starring :

Joe Don Baker, Conny Van Dyke

Director :

Phil Karlson


Running time : 106 Minutes

Language : English



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