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Gunslingers (1950) - Whip Wilson  DVD

Gunslingers (1950) - Whip Wilson DVD


Gunslingers (1950)

Lou Cramer (Steve Clark) is accused of rustling and is convicted on the testimony of a rancher and the town marshal, both members of the actual gang. Whip (Whip Wilson) knows Cramer is innocent and hides him from a lynch mob. With the help of Winks McGee (Andy Clyde) and Libby Rawlings (Reno Browne), Whip gets evidence on one of the gang members, but the man is killed by his own gang and Whip is blamed.

Starring :

Whip Wilson, Andy Clyde, Reno Browne

Director :

Wallace Fox


Running time : 55 Minutes

Language : English


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