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Hanover Street (1979) - Harrison Ford  DVD

Hanover Street (1979) - Harrison Ford DVD

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Hanover Street (1979) 

War-torn Europe is the setting for this romantic action/adventure about the fateful entanglements of two men in love with the same woman. Lt. David Halloran (Harrison Ford), a courageous American bomber pilot, and a British nurse (Lesley-Anne Down) accidentally meet during an air raid and fall instantly in love. Committed to an assignment, David asks her to meet him two weeks later, in spite of the fact that she is married. And she does. Her husband, Paul Sellinger (Christopher Plummer), is a British intelligence officer in charge of a special, dangerous mission behind enemy lines. As fate would have it, Halloran is chosen to fly Sellinger on the task. When their plane is shot down, the two must work together to complete the mission - and its only then that Halloran discovers who Sellinger is.

Starring :

Harrison Ford, Lesley-Anne Down, Christopher Plummer

Director :

Peter Hyams


Running time : 109 Minutes

Language : English



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