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He Walked By Night (1948) - Richard Basehart  DVD

He Walked By Night (1948) - Richard Basehart DVD


He Walked By Night (1948)

Based upon true events, this film noir classic is a "thrilling, absorbing story, superbly told, well-acted [and] brilliantly photographed" (The Hollywood Reporter). Starring Richard Basehart, Scott Brady and Jack Webb, this tense, exciting: (Variety) thriller was the inspiration not only for the TV series "Dragnet," but for many other subsequent "ripped from the headlines" crime dramas.

Taken from actual case files, He Walked By Night is the suspenseful, action-packed tale of a manhunt for the most cunning criminal in the history of the LAPD. With a combination of ingenuity, state of the art technology, sweat and sheer determination, the police painstakingly track down a brilliant, elusive thief and cop killer who seems to have the ability to vanish into thin air. But can they catch him before he murders again?

Starring :

Richard Basehart, Scott Brady, Jack Webb

Director :

Alfred Werker


Running Time : 79 Minutes

Language : English


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