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Heart Of The Rio Grande (1942) - Gene Autry  DVD

Heart Of The Rio Grande (1942) - Gene Autry DVD


Heart Of The Rio Grande (1942)

Dust off your best cowboy hat and polish up your spurs as America's first and favorite singing cowboy gallops across the silver screen into your living room. Gene Autry, star of radio, records, film, TV and rodeo, invented the musical Western, capturing America's hearts as a guitar-slinging, song-singing, six-gun toting good guy. Riding Champion, the World's Wonder Horse, Autry became a beloved American hero whose popularity remains strong today.

Ranch foreman Gene Autry tames a spoiled teenage shrew sent to Smoke River Dude Ranch for the summer and in the process humanizes her father into becoming a better parent. Originally released in 1942, this film featurse that year's hit song Deep in the Heart of Texas and several other delightful tunes. Action includes stampeding horses, a runaway truck and a daring climactic rescue!

Starring :

Gene Autry, Jimmy Wakely

Director :

Morgan Wills


Running time : 70 Minutes

Language : English


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