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Heartland (1979) - Rip Torn  DVD

Heartland (1979) - Rip Torn DVD


Heartland (1979) 

In 1910 Elinore Randall, a widow, and her seven-year-old daughter travel by train to face two great unknowns - a strange land and life with a man they have never met. Elinore has contracted by mail to keep house for Clyde Stewart, a rancher living in the remote frontier near Burntfork, Wyoming.

Captivated by the vast landscape, Elinore acts quickly on her secret passion: to homestead a piece of land of her own. But fulfilling her year's contract with Clyde may be as challenging as the oncoming winter - a winter of devastating blizzards, famine and isolation. Heartland is a story of partnership and survival. As tough and stubborn as the land upon which they depend, Clyde and Elinore find mutual understanding and respect in the trials of frontier life.

Starring :

Rip Torn, Conchata Ferell, Barry Primus

Director :

Richard Pearce


Running time : 96 Minutes

Language : English

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