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Heat Lightning (1934) - Aline McMahon  DVD

Heat Lightning (1934) - Aline McMahon DVD


Heat Lightning (1934)

In the Mohave Desert, Olga runs a gas station, lunch counter, and auto camp with her younger sister Myra. In a 24-hour period, Olga must deal with Myra's desire to go to a town dance with a cad, the appearance by happenstance of George, an old boyfriend whose conduct is never above suspicion, and the overnight presence of two women recently divorced in Reno, who, with a chauffeur, are carrying valuable jewels. George gets wind of the jewels and plays with Olga's heartstrings to set up a robbery. Myra arranges to sneak off with her beau. It's hot, and the heat lightening is crackling on the horizon. Is Olga's life of peace and hard work in the desert about to change for the worse?

Starring :

Aline McMahon, Ann Dvorak, Preston Foster, Lyle Talbot

Director :

Mervyn LeRoy


Running time : 63 Minutes

Language : English

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