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Invisible Ghost (1941) - Bela Lugosi  DVD

Invisible Ghost (1941) - Bela Lugosi DVD


Invisible Ghost (1941) 

The prominent Dr. Charles Kessler lives in a house with his daughter Virginia Kessler and his servants and misses his wife that left him. When there is a murder in his house, Virginia's fiancée Ralph Dickson is accused of the killing and sentenced to death penalty in the electric chair. Soon his twin brother Paul comes to Dr. Kessler's house, who invites him to stay in his house. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kessler is alive with neurological disorder after a car accident and hidden in the gardener's house that is secretly treating her. When she sneaks out of the house and sees Dr. Kessler in the window, he goes into a trance and turns into a killer. Will Dr. Kessler be stopped ?

Starring :

Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young, John McGuire

Director :

Joseph H. Lewis


Running time : 63 Minutes

Language : English

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