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Jack The Ripper (1976) - Jess Franco  UNCUT DVD

Jack The Ripper (1976) - Jess Franco UNCUT DVD


Jack The Ripper (1976)

The inimitable Klaus Kinski (Fitzcarraldo, Aquirre) is back as Jack the Ripper, the world's most notorious serial killer. In this classic tale of horror and perversion, the infamous Jack the Ripper terrorizes the East End of London of the late 19th century by killing and mutilating prostitutes. Scotland Yard assigns Inspector Selby (Andreas Mannkopff), a young and ambitious police commissioner, to the case. As his investigation goes nowhere and public pressure rises, his beautiful girlfriend Cynthia (Josephine Chaplin) decides to help him out. She poses as a hooker and secretly visits the bars where the victims of this mysterious killer were last seen. When Cynthia suddenly faces the cold blue eyes of the killer, she intuitively knows that only a miracle can save her now!

Award-winning director Jess Franco (Count Dracula, Necromicon) is considered by many as a major behind the New European Cinema of the Seventies. This slick and stylish horror thriller features a moody atmosphere and lavish sets and is presented here for the first time completely uncut, as the director intended!

Starring :

Klaus Kinski, Josephine Chaplin

Director :

Jess Franco


Running time : 92 Minutes

Language : English


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