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Lady In Cement (1968) - Frank Sinatra  DVD

Lady In Cement (1968) - Frank Sinatra DVD


Lady In Cement (1968) 

The action-filled sequel to Tony Rome again stars Frank Sinatra as the renegade detective. While diving for treasure, Rome discovers a beautiful blonde anchored by a block of cement! Hired by a man named Gronsky (Dan Blocker) to find a missing girl, Rome wonders if the dead blonde and the missing girl are one and the same. He also wonders why everyone he talks to either winds up dead - or out to kill him! What's worse, the number one suspect in the murder turns out to be Gronsky himself! The all-star cast in this electrifying film includes Raquel Welch, Richard Conte, Martin Gabel, Pat Henry and Lainie Kazan.

Starring :

Frank Sinatra, Raquel Welch, Dan Blocker

Director :

Gordon Douglas


Running time : 93 Mnutes

Language : English



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