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Love Has Many Faces (1965) - Lana Turner  DVD

Love Has Many Faces (1965) - Lana Turner DVD


Love Has Many Faces (1965)

Kit Jordan (Lana Turner, Imitation of Life) is an attractive, wealthy heiress whose husband Pete (Cliff Robertson, Autumn Leaves) is a one-time gigolo whom Kit met on the beach. Kit and Pete both share a love of the fast life, and neither is ashamed of their past indiscretions. But when one of Kit's former lovers washes up on the beach, the police wonder whether it was an accident, suicide, or possibly murder - and the Jordans are chief suspects. Meanwhile, another beach-gigolo, Hank (Hugh O'Brian, TV's The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp), who spends his time romancing the older women visiting Acapulco - and is not above blackmail - senses an opportunity to use the death of his friend as a way into Kit's life. When Carol Lambert (Stefanie Powers, TV's Hart to Hart), the dead man's former girlfriend, turns up in Acapulco looking for an explanation for his death, she comes face to face with Kit, Pete, and Hank, and begins to unnerve them all. Pete seems at first determined to keep her from getting caught up in the unsavory lifestyle of the locals. Soon, however, no one's motivations or intentions are very clear and suspicion and jealousy infect the lives of the rich, ruthlessly pleasure-seeking Jordans. The tension and drama are heightened by contrast to the gorgeously photographed locales, beautiful costuming, and beach-clad beauties.

Starring :

Lana Turner, Cliff Robertson, Stefanie Powers

Director :

Alexander Singer


Running time : 105 Minutes

Language : English

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