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Many Rivers To Cross (1955) - Robert Taylor  DVD

Many Rivers To Cross (1955) - Robert Taylor DVD


Many Rivers To Cross (1955)

Bushrod Gentry is a right restless man, a bullwhip-crackin', tough-brawlin' trapper passing through Barren River, Kentucky and heading for the pelts and promise of the Northwest Territory. He'll never get there if Mary Stuart Cherne has her way. It's marryin' season, the preacher is making his annual visit to Barren River and Mary has her heart and rifle barrel set on buckskinned bachelor Bushrod.

It's love at first fight as Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker star in this adventure comedy packed with woodsman gumption, battle-of-the-sexes spunk and battle-for-survival skirmishes with Shawnee warriors. Taming the land. Taming hearts. They're both part of the frontier excitement in Many Rivers to Cross.  

Starring :

Robert Taylor, Victor McLaglen, James Arness

Director :

Roy Rowland


Running time : 95 Minutes

Language : English


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