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Moment To Moment (1965) - Honor Blackman  DVD

Moment To Moment (1965) - Honor Blackman DVD


Moment To Moment (1965) 

Kay Stanton, her husband Neil and son Tommy live on the French Riviera. While at the port, when her husband was on a trip she meets an American naval officer, and they begin an affair. Kay knows she loves her husband Neil and tries to end the affair, but she and Mark fight over this and she shoots him accidentally. Her next door neighbor, Daphne, takes Mark's body and throws it in some dump. Later she calls the police to tell them where she dumped him. Neil is called by the police so he can help them with an ensign who is an amnesiac victim recovering from a gunshot wound; this man happens to be Mark. He regains his memory and recognizes Kay, but keeps quiet when Neil introduces them. Neil has a deep feeling that Kay and Mark know each other, but knows Kay really loves him. The theme song is sung by Johnny Mathis and is precious in all aspects. You will enjoy this movie tremendously. 

Starring :

Honor Blackman, Jean Seberg, Sean Garrison

Director :

Mervyn LeRoy


Running time : 105 Minutes

Language : English


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