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Moonlighting (1982) - Jeremy Irons  DVD

Moonlighting (1982) - Jeremy Irons DVD


Moonlighting (1982) 

Academy Award Winner Jeremy Irons stars in this gripping tale about four foreign workers who escape to London for work, only to find that they may never return home. Lured by the notion of earning a months' wages in only a week, Kudaj, Wolski, Nowak and Banaszak arrive in London, hoping to bring the wealth back to their Polish homeland. But in their absence, Poland is swept by political turmoil - the military have imposed martial law, outlawed the unions and put the free world on alert. Stranded in a land they do not belong to, the men struggle to return to the people they love, before it's too late.

Starring :

Jeremy Irons

Director :

Jerzy Skolimowski


Running time : 97 Minutes

Language : English



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