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Murder In The First (1994) - Christian Slater Japan 2 LD Laserdisc Set with OBI


Murder In The First (1994) 

Laserdisc, Japan with OBI

Christian Slater, Kevin Bacon and Gary Oldman star in this compelling, fact-based story of the trial that shut down the dungeons of Alcatraz. In a haunting performance, Bacon plays convict Henri Young. His crime: heisting $5 for his starving sister. His fate: worse than death. He's confined to the dungeons after a failed escape - an isolation lasting three mind-shattering years. When Henri at last emerges, he's confused, savage, barely human...and he quickly slays the stoolie who ratted on his escape. It's an open-and-shut case of Murder One. But a resolute attorney has another option. He and Henri will put Alcatraz and its sadistic associate warden on trial.

Starring :

Christian Slater, Kevin Bacon, Gary Oldman

Director :

Marc Rocco


Running time : 123 Minutes

Language : English

Subtitles : Japanese

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