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Nevada Smith (1966) - Steve McQueen DVD


Nevada Smith (1966) 

Region code 1 (USA) - NEW and Sealed

Nevada Smith is a rugged innocent boy born in the 1890s during California's gold rush days to a Native American mother and white father. When he finds his parents have been murdered by vicious killers, he sets out to track them down. While the film is a western, and has plenty of action, it is also a powerful and revealing study of the regeneration of a man. In this case a long gunslinger who is so blinded by his compulsion that it obscures any other motive for living. Steve McQueen's dynamic presence as Nevada Smith is memorable.

Starring :

Steve McQueen, Karl Malden, Brian Keith, Arthur Kennedy, Suzanne Pleshette

Director :

Henry Hathaway


Running time : 130 Minutes

Language : English


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