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Night Of The Iguana (1964) - Richard Burton  DVD

Night Of The Iguana (1964) - Richard Burton DVD

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Night Of The Iguana (1964)

"A man has got just so much in his emotional bank balance. But mine has run out." In a remote Mexican seacoast town, a fallen Episcopal priest struggles to pull his shattered life together. And three women - an earthy hotel owner, an ethereal artist and a hot-eyed willful teenager - can help save him. Or destroy him.

With an outstanding cast headed by Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr, direction by legendary filmmaker John Huston and a steamy screenplay based on Tennessee Williams' acclaimed stage play, The Night of the Iguana pulses with conflicting passions and a surprising edge of knowing humor. Winner of one Academy Award® and nominated for three more, the film explores the dark night of one man's soul - and illuminates the difference between dreams and the bittersweet surrender to reality.

Starring :

Richard burton, Ava Gardner, Deborah Kerr

Director :

John Huston


Running time : 117 Minutes

Language : English

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