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Only The Valiant (1951) - Gregory Peck  DVD

Only The Valiant (1951) - Gregory Peck DVD


Only The Valiant (1951) 

Gregory Peck stars in the classic American Western!

Gregory Peck is the hard-nosed leader of a rough group of cavalry soldiers, whose by-the-book action alienate the men in his command. The company's dislike for Peck intensifies when he assigns a popular lieutenant to take his place on a dangerous mission: delivering a captured Apache chief across the barren desert to a stronger Army outpost. When the detail is attacked and the lieutenant viciously d and killed, the men are convinced that Peck had ulterior motives and pin the death on his shoulders. Revenge looms on the horizon when Peck hand selects a patrol to hold off the avenging Apache chief at a deserted fort nearby. Away from their outpost and the threat of Army investigation, the men who hate Peck most are determined to see him pay... even though their own lives may depend on Peck's survival.

Starring :

Gregory Peck, Ward Bond, Lon Chaney

Director :

Gordon Douglas


Running time : 105 Minutes

Language : English

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