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Range Law (1944) - Johnny Mack Brown  DVD

Range Law (1944) - Johnny Mack Brown DVD


Range Law (1944) 

Because town cut-throat Phil Randall wants the ranch owned by "Pop" McGee on which is located a valuable silver deposit, he frames McGee on a cattle rustling charge, and the old man is sentenced to hang. "Boots" Annie is determined to save him, so she sends for U.S. Marshals Nevada Jack McKenzie and Sandu Hopkins, who rescue McGee from jail on the eve of his hanging. They then set out to gather the evidence to clear McGee and convict the real villains. Swede Larson and Sheriff Jed Hawkins, working with Randall, conspire to get the marshals out of the way and hire the Dawsons to do the job. The job backfires and the first Dawson is shot, but before the dies, he talks and enables Nevada and Sandy to make arrests and clear McGee of any charges.

Starring :

Johnny Mack Brown, Raymond Hatton

Director :

Lambert Hillyer


Running time : 57 Minutes

Language : English

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