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Riding Shotgun (1954) - Randolph Scott  DVD

Riding Shotgun (1954) - Randolph Scott DVD


Riding Shotgun (1954) 

After members of his family are killed by the Maraday Gang during a stagecoach robbery, Larry Delong takes a job as stage guard in hopes that he will meet up with the outlaws. After he is captured by the bandits, his shot-up stage is returned to the town by the gang in order to draw the authorities out of town. After being left for dead, Delong escapes to warn the townspeople of an imminent raid by the outlaws. They don't believe his story and, in fact, accuse him of complicity in the stage robbery, tasking the town's remaining deputy with arresting him. A besieged Delong hides out in a local saloon before making his next move.

Starring :

Randolph Scott, Wayne Morris

Director :

Andre De Toth


Running time : 75 Minutes

Language : English


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