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Rio Conchos (1964) - Richard Boone  DVD

Rio Conchos (1964) - Richard Boone DVD


Rio Conchos (1964)

In avenging himself against the Apache Indians who have massacred his family, ex-Confederate army officer Lassiter (Richard Boone) recovers a stolen U.S. Army repeating rifle and finds himself arrested by the U.S. Army in connection with the firearm. Lassiter is offered his freedom if he leads a small group into Mexico, consisting of an army captain (Stuart Whitman_, a Buffalo Soldier sergeant (Jim Brown, in his film debut), a knife-wielding Mexican prisoner (Tony Franciosa) and an Apache woman warrior (Wende Wagner). After blasting their way trough bandits and Apaches, they discover a megalomaniacal Confederate soldier (Edmund O'Brien) selling gun to the Apaches.

Starring :

Richard Boone, Stuart Whitman

Director :

Gordon Douglas


Running time : 107 minutes

Language : English


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