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Sabata The Killer (1970) UNCUT DVD

Sabata The Killer (1970) UNCUT DVD


Sabata The Killer (1970)

This is an entertaining as well as comical Chorizo Western that packs stirring adventures , shootouts , riding chases , vengeance , treason and is pretty amusing . Paella/Ravioli Western starred by ordinary actors and a plethora of familiar faces in the support cast . It deals with a duo of robbers called Sabata (Anthony Steffen) and Mangosta (Eduardo Fajardo) who carry out a bank robbing . They assault a bank and escape by car . The newspapers publicize ¨the bandits took 5.00 dollars from bank assaulted¨. But they learn the bank cashier called Peter (Peter Lee Lawrence) has taken some dollars . Peter is a card player who has an abundant debt to a powerful owner called Garfield (Alfredo Mayo) . Sabata and Mangosta go after Pedro who is caught , they then form an amusing trio to proceed hold-ups and assaults . As Pedro agrees with them to assault an armored stagecoach . They take money and gold but a posse led by Garfield pursues them . The threesome decides to hide the gold at a mine . Later on , the trio is detained and about to be hanged , but they are spontaneously freed by the posse .

Starring :

Peter Lee Lawrence, Antonio De Teffè, Eduardo Fajardo, Alfredo Mayo, Luis Induni, Rossana Rovere, Alfonso Rojas, María Villa, Cris Huerta, José Canalejas, Alfonso De la Vega, Álvaro de Luna 

Director :

Tulio Demicheli 


Running time : 86 minutes

Languages : German, English

Widescreen 1.85;1

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