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Saddle The Wind (1958) - Robert Taylor  DVD

Saddle The Wind (1958) - Robert Taylor DVD


Saddle The Wind (1958)

"I'm not just a kid brother anymore! I'm a full partner." With a custom-made sidearm and a saloon-gal fiancee, Tony Sinclair rides back to the ranch he runs with his ex-gunfighter brother Steve. Tony's spoiling for a fight. And he finds it when a stranger shows up aiming to settle an old score with Steve. Tony draws his gun - and unleashes a whirlwind of violence that eventually pits brother against brother. A fine cast headed by Robert Taylor, Julie London and John Cassavetes, a taut screenplay by Rod Serling (TV's The Twilight Zone) and a powerful score by legendary Elmer Bernstein (The Magnificent Seven) send Saddle the Wind galloping into movie Western lore.

Starring :

Robert Young, Donald Crisp, John Cassavetes, Julie London

Director :

Robert Parrish


Running time : 84 Minutes

Language : English


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