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Stagecoach Kid (1949) - Tim Holt  DVD

Stagecoach Kid (1949) - Tim Holt DVD


Stagecoach Kid (1949)

Crooked ranch foreman Thatcher sends his two henchmen, Parnell and Clint, out to murder his boss, wealthy Peter Arnold who has just arrived to retire on his ranch, bringing in tow his daughter, tomboy Jessie, who despises western life and can't wait to run off back to San Francisco. Stagecoach line owner Dave Collins and his sidekick Chito show up just in time to deter the attackers. Collins isn't done yet, though, as a gold shipment sent on one of his stages is stolen by Parnell and Clint, one of whom is recognized by Jessie, attempting to escape back to the west coast. Collins has his hands full trying to retrieve the stolen gold, and dealing with Jessie, who's fallen head-over-heels in love with him.

Starring :

Tim Holt, Richard Martin, Jeff Donnell

Director :

Lew Landers


Running time : 60 Minutes

Language : English

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