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Suicide Mission (1954) - Leif Larsen  DVD

Suicide Mission (1954) - Leif Larsen DVD


Suicide Mission (1954) 

"Shetlandsgjengen", which translates as "the Shetland-gang", relates the true story of the illegal traffic across the North Sea from German occupied Norway to Shetland during World War II. A small group of Norwegian sailors loosely connected to the British navy take refugees from Norway to Shetland in small fishing-boats, equipped only with low-caliber weapons to protect themselves from German airplanes and patrol-boats. The film is closely based on real events, and many of the members of the gang, including the leader, called "Shetlands-Larsen" play themselves.

Starring :

Leif Larsen, Palmar Bjornoy, Anthony Oliver

Director :

Michael Forlong


Running time : 88 Minutes

Language : Norwegian

Subtitles : English


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