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Ten Wanted Men (1954) - Randolph Scott  DVD

Ten Wanted Men (1954) - Randolph Scott DVD


Ten Wanted Men (1954) 

Randolph Scott rides tall in the saddle as a powerful cattle rancher in this action-packed Western. Scott, who made a noteworthy contribution to this genre in the late '50s as a lean mean cowboy, stars as John Stewart, an Arizona rancher determined to rule his vast empire with strong-willed integrity. Stewart meets with opposition, however, from local landowner Wick Campbell, (Richard Boone), who prefers the persuasive power of the pistol to the letter of the law. Suddenly Stewart is to defend himself and the woman he loves (Jocelyn Brando) against Campbell's renegades who are determined to ransack the town. Now Stewart must take a life-and-death stand in a rugged confrontation that pits one man of justice against the overwhelming odds of Ten Wanted Men.

Starring :

Randolph Scott, Richard Boone

Director :

Bruce Humberstone


Running time : 77 Minutes

Language : English


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